What I Offer

Your first time with me is always free, I want to ensure whatever your needs are that I am the best fit, so I offer a free 45 minute personal or small group class.

I will assess needs and discuss them with you to see what would be best incorporated, whether you want to just get better at yoga or you want to changes in certain areas of your life - we will choose between the coaching or yoga route. Note the coaching route will incorporate yoga.

If you are a yoga studio, fitness studio, restaurant or bar, I am an event planner and love coordinating with local spots to plan wellness events!

My Services:

One on one sessions Meditation

Couple sessions/family sessions Reiki Healing

Small Group Sessions Breathework

Event Services and Planning

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About Me.

Life Love Happiness Coach

Hi! I’m Natalie, born in raised in Boston and former San Diegan currently living in Yuma, AZ. I am a yoga instructor, event planner and Life Love Happiness Coach. I help people get back to their soul through my own experiences and my education. My road to yoga, wellness and fitness has been an eye opening an incredible journey. My mom is actually a yoga teacher, hollisitc healer, reiki master and herbalist; she tried her best to raise me in that way, but I had to find it on my own. I truly realized the benefits of this medicine when I moved to California. Moving provoked a lot of anxiety in me, because of all of the unknowns, my Dr had to prescribe me xanax which made me very zombie like, then I found yoga and everything else has spiraled from there. I took a complete 180 almost three years ago and switched completely to hollsitic living and went onto receive my 200 RYT and am now currently receiving my Yoga Therapy Certification with Soul of Yoga

It’s hard to put into words why I am so passionate about yoga, meditation, hollistic living, herbs, ayuverda, reiki etc. But I swear it saved me. It has helped me really move forward with my life, it has helped to calm my nerves and my anxieties, it has taught me to trust myself and be myself and it has helped me out of so many dark places and ruts in my life. That is what I want to help other people with. I teach classes anywhere from meditation classes and Yin to Vinyasya and upbeat Bhakti Classes. I infuse reiki, oils, eating and more into my teaching and love working one on one with people and small group setting to really get to the core of problems and lift them up. My Yoga Therapy Certification has given me the power to work with recovering addicts, mental disorders, relationships and everything in between.


200 RYT Reiki

Meditation and Breathwork Plant Healing

Current education: Yoga Therapy

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