Living by The Moon - 4 Week Goddess Circle


Join Pina and Natalie in a 4-week Goddess Circle to uncover how to working with the phases of the moon allows your life to flow with ease. 

Have you ever experienced waves of feeling super up-and-down with your emotions and motivation levels? Some days you feel super productive: making plans, working towards your goals, feeling energized - aka just really feeling on top of your shit! While other days you feel low energy, uninspired and don't even want to think about all you have to get done.

This ebb and flow of life effects everyone and mirrors the cycle of the moon. When you flow WITH life's natural cycles and live in the FLOW, everything just seems to work better in all aspects of your life. 

Join us for a 4-week goddess circle where together we will learn how to live in this balanced flow with the support of sacred sisterhood & community.

Sat, Aug 11, 6-8pm - NEW MOON - intention setting circle, manifesting meditation, creating goals

Sat, Aug Aug 18, 6-8pm - WANING MOON - take action on your goals, power, energy, vinyasa flow

Sat, Aug 25, 6-8pm - FULL MOON - harvest & celebrate your successes circle, reflection journal writing

Sat, Sept 1, 6-8pm - WAXING MOON - time to relax and reset, self-care, yin yoga reiki & sound healing

$188 for one sister OR $288 for two sisters! (Bring a friend & save some money!)

Space is limited so reserve your spot!

We can't wait to see the incredible group of sisters that come together for this summer series ♥